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Thursday, 31 May 2012

What a week....!

It's been a tricky week this week!  My depressed mood of a few weeks ago has certainly lifted, as I knew it would, although it felt an impossibility at the time. 
This week I have had no time to myself. I haven't had space in my head to reflect on anything lately, and dont we all need (and deserve) a bit of space. 

It all began with Miranda throwing up at 5 am on Monday and continuing for 12 hours.

Then the dog ate my shoe! I was so angry (mostly at myself) but oooohhhh, my favourite pair of winter ankle boots, RUINED! 

With Miranda vomiting and gassy, I had to cancel appointments  at  Westmead  for Charlie who was to have his new afo (ankle foot orthoses) and kfo (knee foot orthoses) fitted and an appointment with his physio. 

On Tuesday, Ben caught the wretched virus and stayed home. I rang the hospital to see if our orthotist, Tom, had a free appointment. He did, so up the highway I dashed with Charlie!

Waiting to be fitted with his new walking equipment, Charlie became so upset he needed a dummy!

I thought that our visit to the Orthotics Dept was going to take 20-30 minutes maximum. It took nearly 2 hours! It was very frustrating as Tom hadn't finished the orthotics as he had a fair bit of modifying to do on both of them, not to mention that he had put the straps on the wrong way. 

You would think that there is not much to traumatise children in a simple, little room, but Charlie cried for most of the 2 hour visit. (We sang twinkle twinkle and Old MacDonald a lot!) I think he has such bad associations with small white rooms in that hospital, where he has had needles or cannulas inserted, he was expecting another bad experience.


Eventually, we did get out of there.

These pictures are really for the grandparents and anyone interested in the kfo. Charlie only has to wear the kfo on his left leg as his knee turns inward as he walks. The kfo will force the knee to face forward as he walks.

We put it over some tights so it wont rub. He is not happy having it put on.
But as usual, Charlie is taking it all in 'his stride'. As much as he hates the fuss of having the kfo fitted and put on in the morning, it is not holding him back.

this is just cute!

By today, Thursday, Ben had almost lost his voice and the doctor gave him 2 days off work. So he is catching up on his report writing - only 120 or so to go.

working away - 'Jane' is doing well, she's top of the class!

So for next week I am praying that everyone recovers from the nasty virus, and that Ned and I dont come down with it. I need everyone to go back to school and work so that I can have some time in my own head. To allow me to stop and get my feet back on the ground with the help of a large cappuccino and a date scone.

I'll be needing therapy to get over the dog (I cant even say her name) eating my favourite boots. And I mean she completely wrecked one, never to be worn again......

Favourites this week:

TV: 'Offspring', Channel 10, - so sad with Rocket dying but loving Gary Macdonald
'Silk', ABC1,- wouldn't we all love to be that brilliant and to be pregnant with Rupert Penry-Jones' baby!
 also watched 'Tricky Business' on WIN because it's filmed in Wollongong. The clever camera angles make Crown St Mall look almost glamorous.

Dud of the week: Ben insisting on watching the 2011 Royal Variety Concert (my idea of dire!!!) 


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