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Sunday, 9 October 2011

My new job

How exciting, my first post!

 Hi, I'm Kate, and I am starting a new business here in the Southern Highlands of NSW and I am finding it a real challenge. Dont get me wrong, I'm really enjoying assembling all of the building blocks that will create the polished gem known as Mother Bond, but I am finding one thing in particular difficult to do. That is to convince my target market that they actually need me!

As a postpartum (postnatal) doula I love to take care of and support new families when they take their baby home from hospital, and through the first 4-6 weeks after birth. But this role is almost unheard of here, certainly in my set of friends. When I've discussed it with people the reaction from parents-to-be tends to be 'dont you think we'll cope?".  However, when in discussion with parents with older children they tended to muse that they wished they'd known about a postpartum doula service because they could have used the extra support. 

The exciting thing about employing a postnatal doula is that she helps a family 'find their groove', and not the other way. It is never about whether I would choose to co-sleep, or bottlefeed, or wear a sling. I support and respect the decisions made by the parents I work for. My aim is to see every parent succeed in the vision they have for their own family.

So all I can do now is send the message out there and hope to educate a few personally and have word-of-mouth do the rest. If you are pregnant or know someone who is and they live somewhere between Campbelltown, Wollongong, the Highlands and Goulburn, Mother Bond may be the support service for you. Check out the website www.motherbond.com.au, I will be posting feedback from my current clients soon.
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