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Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Little Lachie has arrived.

As a postpartum doula-in-training I need to attend to two families after the birth of their child, and last week my first baby arrived. Little Lachlan James came into the world after a very successful and intense, short labour, especially for a first-time Mum. 

I have been to see the family and Mum and Dad are utterly smitten with their precious bundle.  Life has turned upside down for them as they just spend hours looking at this new little person that they made. It was a wonderful experience to behold as two people who thought they were close before, discover new respect and adoration for each other. They were an unbeatable team during labour and Dad was suitably marvelled by the effort and work of his wife.

Only days since delivery and this happy couple are planning up to 3 more children!!

Mum and Dad are both handling Lachie like pro's. It's funny that the day prior to a baby arriving men (and women) can be a little awkward about holding babies, and then on the arrival of their own baby they look as though they've been doing it forever!

I first met this Mum at around 24 weeks gestation and she was nervous and very doubtful about her ability to cope with a newborn. She was lost in all the information about sleeping routines, breastfeeding, spoiling your baby, SIDs etc. But gradually she sorted through the information, and I tried to build her confidence in herself. Her partner has been central in her ability to get above her worries and to believe in herself and her own intuition and that has led to a most magical and intimate postpartum experience for mother, father and son.

It has been an absolute joy and priviledge to spend time with and care for this family and shows how rewarding birthwork can be.

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