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Friday, 20 April 2012

New Beginnings

We're back!! It has been a long break but I am back here on my blog, and I may even venture back to Facebook!

Since I've been away I have been working hard on finishing my course to become a post natal doula. In October/November I had the pleasure and privilege of working with my first family. It was a great joy and they are doing really well. I was ready to change nappies, burp, cuddle and bathe little Lachie, as well as make lots of cups of tea for Mum and Dad. But I actually spent most of my time watching the new parents kiss and cuddle their new little one and and wonder at his creation. Mum did lots of talking as well, doing what all of us new Mums need to just after birth, go over and over again all the details of the pregnancy, labour and birth.

I've also been working on my 4000 word communication assignment which is a reflection on one of my birth experiences. It has been so painful to write at times it's been like giving birth all over again!

We are happy in our house to be enjoying a baby again. Her name is Annie (Annabel when spoken to sternly) and she is a 17 week-old orange-roan cocker spaniel. She is gorgeous, except when she chews the legs of the dining table!

Here are my two babies after a hard working day.

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