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Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Charlie's choice Part 2

Thanks for coming back to follow the story of Charlie.

Just before his 3rd birthday in March, Charlie was so confident with his Kaye walker that he could pick it up and take a step.  We all looked on and wondered what was going to happen next?

He had to see his physiotherapist, Suzie at the Children's Hospital at Westmead (CHW). She admired how he was going and said to me that she thought that he had the potential to 'walk off' his walker... one day... maybe when he was 8....but dont hold her to it.... he might not too.

At the time I gushed and hugged her - wow we hadn't even thought that would be a possibility.

We were happy with whatever Charlie achieved and at his own pace (so to speak).

And then, in his own time, Charlie chose what he wanted to do...

take a look

Anything is possible, you see!!

And if there is anything that you thought you couldn't do,
 or it was too hard to try,
think again, choose again, you just never know...

Kate x

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