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Monday, 25 June 2012

I give thanks.

It was a lovely weekend here in the Southern Highlands and it offered us the opportunity to stand back and take stock. Saturday saw us running around with the kids sports. And on Sunday at church we celebrated the 35th birthday of the Uniting Church. Then we went out to a soup lunch with new friends and had a lovely time. A brisk afternoon walk in the pale winter sun and clear skies ended the weekend with a family happy and content that we live in a beautiful part of the world and we are very fortunate with our life, family and friends and comfortable warm home. I know I so often spend each week running around and giving myself no time to stop, breathe and reflect. But stopping is good for my brain and my soul, and I am a much nicer person to live with when I stop for a while.
Miranda pushing Charlie on our weekend walk around Mittagong

I haven't been writing as frequently as I would like because I am madly trying to study and finish my Doula course. I have completed the 5000 word assignment reflecting on one of my birth experiences. As every woman finds, each of my birth experiences were very different, but I chose to write about Charlie's birth. Many times it felt as though I was going through it all again, and I ended up in tears a couple of times as the grief and the joy went through me again. In my results and feedback my trainer said she had been in tears!

I am nearly ready to sit two physiology tests, and one lactation test this week, so my mind is full of hemorrhoids and mastitis advice. I also have 3 book reviews to do over the next 3 weeks. Then I must find one more family to do a prac with and I am done. So if any of my Highlands friends know of a family having a baby in the near future who would like some FREE support please let me know.

I have Miranda home with me today. It's very unlike her to have any time off school and I cant quite figure out if there is anything actually wrong or if she is just very tired now it's the end of term. So I'm giving her the benefit of the doubt because she would normally never take time away from her beloved teacher and friends.
the beautiful clear sky meant that the temperature rarely got over 10 degrees

Thanks so much to everyone who commented on last week's blog, it was very encouraging and I am remaining mindful about my relationship with Miranda and actively looking for opportunities to love and encourage her.

Have a good week, I hope you find time and reasons to stop and be grateful in your life.

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