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Thursday, 7 June 2012

It's love Instagram (or Too tired to think!)

We are nearing the end of Term 2 at school here in NSW and I dont know about you, but I am stuffed. I've come home from ferrying Charlie around to his Early Intervention appointments today and I'm tired.
I'm over it.  

Having a child with extra needs means a great deal of time planning and making appointments, changing appointments, getting to them, getting home, and all the talk before and after the appointment. Fortunately, Charlie is working with fantastic and generous people here in the Southern Highlands, including his school teachers, Occupational therapist, speechy, physio, paediatricians and preschool. We are very grateful, but it is very constant and does get a bit exhausting. And we're the lucky one's, some of the Mums I meet at these appointments have even more to do each week with their little people.

I walked into the house this afternoon and my heart sank when I saw the ironing pile in my lounge room. Oh dear. It is massive! I would be ashamed of myself if I was that kind of housewife, but I'm not, so I fixed any potential guilt trip by moving the basket to the study so at least I'm not tripping over it. (This is not a hint to my marvellous mother-in-law, it will get done, I promise...)

Then Miranda started crying in her room, for all she was worth, because I asked her to pick up her clothes from the floor. Apparently, I must hate her, in fact, nobody likes her....This is a tell-tale sign the Term needs to be over soon.

Anyway, while my brain is turning slowly I thought I'd share some things with you such as my new happy habit - Instagram. 
Have you had a go yet? I love it..seriously. It is so much fun and better still because it is free.
here are some of my clumsy efforts so far:

Ned in bed

Miranda wearing the chocolate cake on her face

my baby!

Annie looking so innocent, but she is, oh, so NOT

taken on a Winter morning walk in the Highlands

Hope this post finds you well and indulging in your own innocent, fun, free, happy habit from time to time too. It's good for the soul and sanity.


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