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Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Holidays are over

Thanks for returning to the Mother Bond blog. I have taken an unscheduled break over the past 2 weeks to enjoy the Winter School Hols with Ben and the kids. Having everyone home for the holidays is definitely a bonus of having a partner who is a High School teacher. And I must say by the end of last week I had completely lost myself without the routine of school and appointments that I usually live by during the school term. So I'm afraid blogging didn't fit in.
Ned enjoyed his holidays and was very relaxed

I have been battling a bit of mania over the last few weeks, and that means I am cranky. I wish I could say that I become highly creative and bursting with positive energy and light when manic, but I dont, I just get irritable, which is no fun.  Luckily the days have been sunny and we've even had a little bit of warmth and that always improves my mood a bit. I have very little patience when I am manic, and too much energy that I need to divert appropriately so that noone gets wounded by my sometimes sharp words or the sounds of my exasperated sighs. No one wanted to read what was going through my head last week, and I wouldn't write it down!

So last Thursday Miranda and I did the sensible thing and had a very quiet day together whilst Ben took the boys to appointments and family in Sydney for the day. So my girl and I sat down to watch 'The Sound of Music'. It was the first time Miranda had watched it all and she was enthralled and I must say I enjoyed just enjoying it with her. Thanks Minnie xx

Miranda enjoying a hot chocolate on our Girl's Only Day

Having had a week off preschool, Charlie returned last Monday with much excitement. He has been trying to run lately with mixed results. His feet do not flex down, his ankles wont allow it. He can flex them upwards and they would naturally stay in that position if he didn't wear his special afo's (ankle foot orthotics) which train his feet to be flat on the floor. However, the afos are rigid and he has figured out that to run and jump and dance he has to use his ankles. I was lying in bed one morning last week and I heard the familiar sounds of Charlie plodding barefooted down the hall to our room, only I soon realised that the gait sounded different. He was trying to take smaller steps and kind-of spring along, and then, crash, he face-planted the floor. Bugger! Then at preschool last Monday he wanted to play 'tip' with another boy and took off downwards on a ramp, but his feet didn't respond to his will and imagination, and he face-planted the ramp - much to the horror of the staff. 
I think you can make out the mess it made of his nose below:
a scabby nose after a fall is typical for every 3 year old, including Charlie

Charlie got over it quickly, and I doubt he was too worried about the physical mark, but was disappointed about his legs not working the way he wanted them to. But, he continues to try to make his legs work and has developed his very own dancing style that amuses us all. Nothing keeps him down. Note to self : dont give up when it seems too hard even when you keep falling on your face!!...

Other than spending great quality time with the family, I have been trying to do some work on my business. I had some rack cards printed to distribute around the district, and I have made major alterations to the Mother Bond website which will 'all be revealed' shortly!! It's exciting and so rewarding to see it come together, at last.

Finally, for this post I send a special cheerio to my father-in-law who is ill in hospital this week. George is a very precious Dad (and Dad-in-law) and much beloved Papa, as well as a regular reader and supporter of my blog and we all hope you feel better soon George.xx 


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