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Sunday, 8 July 2012

We're all going on a Winter Holiday!!

Hi and thanks for tuning in again after my absence. We've been away on our annual family holiday. 

Last week we went to Ulladulla on the south coast of NSW. It is a lovely 2 hour trip from the Highlands, down through Kangaroo Valley and along the coast. We make a habit of getting down there every year for a bit of (cheap, out of season) winter fun by the beach. 
we stopped for donuts and coffee in Berry

Ulladulla is set up for summer. In the summertime the town is swarming with people in thongs and board shorts. We are not really thongs and board shorts people, nor do we cope well in crowds. So we are more comfortable with Ulladulla in winter. The pace is slow and the temperature is mild.

Each year we hire a cabin and do very little other than beach walks, fish and chips, noodle from our favourite noodle shop, and a trip to Mogo Zoo. 
waiting for the white lions to appear on our visit to Mogo Zoo

"Not happy, Jan", the white lion was 'busy' apparently.

the white lions may have been otherwise detained, but the giraffes came out to play

The kids love the jumping pillow at the caravan park, even Charlie attempts to climb it because he cant jump, as such. And if it's just us, Ben and I usually have a jump too. And yes, it really shakes then.

I have a blissful morning (sans enfants) with decent coffee and banana bread, swathed in ricotta and dribbly honey, and then a rummage through the vintage and yummy-but-mostly-useless thingy shops in Milton.

We had a grand time down at the beach building sandcastles (Miranda) and volcanoes (Ned).

Whilst Charlie enjoyed his first real walk on sand, relishing the wind in his hair and the wild freedom of it...

And to finish it all off we have the annual mini-golf contest. Charlie participated this year for the first time. He mad an excellent effort, although he preferred starting at the hole and going back to the tee. I found it is undeniable, he is certainly more coordinated than me, though that's not saying much! Ned had one minor meltdown, and, predictably, tempers frayed, but by the 18th hole we had lost track of the score and everyone claimed they had won!

Once again Ulladulla provided the stuff to fill our family history with happy childhood memories and carefree days.
I hope you have enjoyed your school holidays with some fun and not too much cold.

Thanks Ulladulla - see you next year!


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  1. I much prefer the beach in winter. I am not a summer, thongs, board shorts person either. Looks like you all had a great time :) I love the footprints photos, it's beautiful. xx